Unleash the R in VR

VR, MR, AR, 360° video, …: through arts, entertainment and professional applications, XR is rapidly becoming part of our daily lives. 
Technologies are evolving with every blink of the eye. So is immersive audio. Everyday, more complex and accurate sound spatiliasation tools join the quest for ultimate immersion. As the urgency for compelling XR experiences rises, so does the awareness that sound plays a crucial role in creating convincing artificial realism.
This is where sonoRealm joins the XR production process. Combining profound knowledge of traditional sound production with expertise in today’s XR audio creation and game design, we implement the most efficient tools and strategies to engage any audience with your XR content.
With over 15 years of experience and a proven track record in sound design and mixing, we know how to create compelling and engaging sound for any  project.

Feel free to drop us an e-mail or find us on social media. And stay tuned, as lots of sound stuff is coming this way…